[18+] Kamya Sutra

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Vivek cannot believe his luck when he gets married to the hot and sexy Kamya. Just returning back to work after a splendidly exhausting honeymoon he is in for a shock when one of his colleagues passes a few remarks which insinuates that his colleague knows his wife intimately. On further probing he realizes that there is a famous sex blogger, kaamyabhabhi who reveal her innermost desires and flings on her blog. The more he reads the blogs the more familiar it sounds and almost like all his wife’s sexual fantasies seem to be here in the blog in black and white. Vivek is in a dilemma. Is his wife and the sex blogger kaamyabhabhi one and the same person? And is it really his wife who is having all these sexual encounters even now and writing them in the blog? To find out more tune in to our latest hot show … Kamyasutra

Cast : Karan Sharma, Mokshita Raghav

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